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Edisel Cruz González

Muro de pensamientos



My history

Telling stories is the most important and primitive art in the world. For years, thousands of years, the human being had only one way to convey knowledge between generations: narrating his learning. The greatest entertainment was to meet the entire tribe by the fire, and listen to the stories that the elders shared. But it wasn't just an entertainment: it was the way to survive.

Welcome to a page of life stories, own and others. A narrative platform and a mixture of languages to communicate stories that allow us to inhabit other worlds, and bring wisdom and tools to ours.










Ten year ago I did not know it was going to mean having entered The Matrix of social networks: Facebook. I only opened an account somewhere in fashion in the fascinating world of the Internet. This place had something addictive, I communicated to you anywhere on the planet, but did not exist other equal sites? The truth, yes, were My Space, Hi 5, but Facebook was razing at that time, and some of its main reasons were photo galleries, links to videos, touches, likes, chat, applications, among Other features that Facebook left you delicately so that you were abducted immediately.


It was not until ten years later that I understood the true value that I had for me this unequal exchanges platforms, beyond the links, communication with some loved ones and the window to expose your work, it was always a place where I gave my time and my information for the benefit of others that monetized those resources. In the midst of the darkest night of my soul, and in its beginnings an idea was developed that a long time gave birth to a concept that revolutionized my way of approaching that "stake of temptations" as Dr. Mario baptized Nieves in his book entitled Under that name, that bonfire called Facebook, which sometimes gives us heat when we feel the cold of loneliness, but that without the correct tools drag us to calcinate our valuable time, losing ourselves in a world overlapping and built with A cunning psychology that trafficked with our data.


One day I opened my eyes, and they took me to a retrospective look of myself, I used the Facebook algorithm itself, this you see for my benefit. Let me ask you something, have you ever reviewed your Facebook backwards from the first publication to the last one? If you have done it, try it one day, it can be an intense experience. That was my first step, the first of many who preceded that act, but from that moment I knew that I was entering my story, and that nothing would be the same. I felt it in my skin and in my breathing, but all my expectations were surpassed along the way, due to the depth of the process. I laughed, cried, excited myself and revived many experiences, some stories were also built parallel while we wrote the book, and that same action gave me the data to make better decisions regarding some characters that continued to touch the door.


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One day I was in Coyoacán, in the dance studio of the company of Tania Pérez Salas for which I worked, I did not have much to rehearse that day, I was wasting time, and the best place to lose it (so I thought before) was: Facebook. I was with my agenda to the side, and "leafing through" the feed of news when suddenly an idea came like a ray that illuminated hidden areas of my mind, and from that unexplored space a voice that proposed to me still emerged: I print Facebook stories. I filled myself with enthusiasm immediately, I knew that the idea was good, I took some notes and went to look for my favorite complication, my father. I told her all the idea and he told me: I don't see her, I don't feel it yet. That did not stop me, Providence had put me on the way to an enthusiastic friend and above all an excellent writer. I left a message that said: friend we have to talk, I have a millionaire idea hahaha I waited twenty -four hours to tell him, I am always full of ideas, and if this idea survived that time then it was worth telling it. At 6 in the afternoon of the next day I called him and told him everything, his answer was: "Son did." Under his direction we begin the project, his first proposal was-ok, we must write the first book, and we will start with you, that will be the manifesto.


I was very right, if we were proposing an experience, because that is Faceb..K, an experience that allows you Past, now organized in a story, you no longer belong only to a faces book (Facebook), that face comes alive from a look back (Faceb..K) in an illuminating and beneficial process. In other words, on Facebook you are a photo inside an album with 2000,000 000 of faces, and Faceb ... K is a movie where you are the protagonist. The first idea every day was taking more defined form in the constant dialogue and the analysis of the fundamentals of social networks. As a creator I am, I undertook a series of actions to promote creativity, I bought a large blackboard, a cork, printer, agendas and many colored pencils. I filled my posts with my posts, and I looked at them since I opened my eyes, when I closed them at night, memories came to me, I got out of bed and scored, and the next day I wrote them in the document I was building. There were days that I did not write anything, for work or because I was not in the "Mood", sometimes I doubted the value of what I wrote but I was always stimulated by a consecrated writer and with a vocation of a teacher who guided me. To him my thanks.


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The months that preceded him at the time of gestation of the idea were of constant dialogue with my friend and co-creator of the project The Doctor of Communication Sciences Mario Nieves Cruz. The process was particularly painful and illuminating at the same time. I reviewed all my story "Table A Table", I reread all my WhatsApp conversations, MNS, the emails of my deceased mother, all the posts and comments of my 10 years inhabiting the (unfortunate name) "Community" of Facebook and we wrote without Filters a story that did not fit in a single book, and we called him Faceb..CK Vol 1. I have to say that the person who began writing culminated by who finished it, and I can no longer see anything in the same way. Social networks, all my previous relationships was now under a new light, classified, labeled, all those data were now at my service to use them for the benefit of a fuller life.


We are at the time of launching the book in Mexico City, and I am deeply excited by the impact it has caused on my life, and I hope it is a contribution in the lives of others. It is the launch of an intimate book, which exposes above all my last years in a difficult and painful process, with moments of joys too. But above all it is the launch of a project, where we hope to help many people live the experience and build their own book, create a community where we can strengthen our hands, have talks about the construction process, and carry more awareness and responsibility of All those data that float in cyber networks and end up in the hands of "happiness vendors", to stop being a product and become a true community, social networks are a great tool, but as always, all large tools are Used to exploit without responsibility, and in contrast it is necessary to create a dynamic balance reusing in favor of the individual those same tools with creativity and a humanistic approach.


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"Renacer bajo la mirada atras de tus experiencias"


"Aquello que no se termina de sufrir y resolver regresa una y otra vez, eternamente."


"Abona las cicatrices y de ellas nacerán flores"


"El odio es como la humedad en los árboles, los penetra y los pudre por dentro"


" un proceso revelador  "

"I opened all my scars and turned them into wounds again, I wanted The pain is good because it allows you to learn, feel, be alive. Sudden finish."


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